Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Pyjama Plan

I found some lovely fabric for two new pairs of pyjama bottoms - or to put it more elegantly and justify me spending more time wearing them, lounge pants. You can call it semantics, but lounge pants suggests to me a whole new level of pyjama-wearing. It conjures up glamorous Bright Young Things and G&Ts in the conservatory.

But I digress.

Pyjama Plan 1 is a blue, green and white floral print, William Morris styles, with a mint green ribbon.

Pyjama Plan 2 is brown with butterflies. I'm not usually keen on beige, but a beige ribbon seemed to work best with these.

Making my new lounge pants involves unpicking my much-loved and previously glamorous favourite pair of pyjamas. These are so cherished that when I'm putting them on my foot has to navigate carefully down the leg to avoid coming out through the wrong hole, so as much as I love them, it does seem timely to retire them.

Punky is a big fan of pyjamas and will happily follow any pair of pyjama-clad legs that happens to go by. He also likes playing in floor length curtains, so I suspect it has something to do with loosely hanging fabrics. Most of his strange habits can be traced to survival instincts or warren etiquette, but as yet I've failed to establish how a love of drapery could be interpreted in this way. Rabbits are mysterious things.

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