Saturday, January 31, 2009

Making crafty connections

The first ever session of Crafty Business kicks off at Churchills tomorrow evening at 7. Millie, Amy and I have been mulling this idea over for while. Following the success of Craft2.0 in Christchurch, we thought there might be a niche for a group for Christchurch crafters to get together and exchange ideas, make new contacts, collaborate and socialise with like-minded people.

It should be a lot of fun and hopefully a productive endeavour as well. If you're based in Christchurch and have crafty inclinations, come along. It's at 7pm, Monday 2 February, at Churchills Public House, 441 Colombo Street in Sydenham.

25 Random Things

1. I've seen my blood under a microscope.
2. I'd like to illustrate children's books.
3. I speak rabbit.
4. I'm hanging out for an occasion to wear my fascinator.
5. I once stayed in a convent in Venice.
6. My great grandfather was a professor of architecture at Cairo University.
7. I'm learning how to spin and I just got my very own spinning wheel.
8. If I could time travel I'd hang out at parties in the 1920s.
9. My brother was born on my 5th birthday.
10. I've made more than 300 pairs of armwarmers.
11. I took my sewing machine apart and when I put it back together I had two bits left over.
12. I like writing on whiteboards.
13. Nearly everything I own has been licked or nibbled by a rabbit.
14. I found consolation in Alain De Botton's Consolations of Philosophy.
15. I like green and everything it stands for.
16. Making pasta makes me happy.
17. I can make a passable flat white with a heart on the top.
18. Douglas Adams and Ayn Rand are my heroes.
19. I come up with a new business idea just about every other day.
20. A Rodin exhibition made me cry.
21. I take pride in a well written email.
22. I can't pronounce "patent" or "origins" without concentrating.
23. I was a Gap student at Chris Martin's old school.
24. Cocktails starting with "m" are my favourites: Mojitos, Moscow Mules and margueritas.
25. When I'm hanging out washing, I match the pegs because that's how my mum taught me my colours.