Sunday, November 9, 2008

One small amphibian

Brisbane, day one. Dilia's house.

After a period of indecision as to whether this was a cute little frog or an ugly toad, the final verdict is juvenile cane toad. Not cutie cutie.

The antidote to ugly cane toads is young Ava, who, without wishing to get too mushy, is adorable.

I tried my luck at taking a crochet hook in my cabin luggage, but alas it was deemed a potential weapon of mass destruction. As Dilia pointed out, anyone who could kill using a size 3.5 bamboo crochet hook is likely to be quite capable of doing so without a bamboo crochet hook, but this line of reasoning would seem to be a little too rational when it comes to airline security.

Consequently, instead of a productive three and a half hours of baby cardigan crochet, I was forced to watch The X-Files: I Wanted To Believe – "The truth is out there. And so is the plot" was the accurate summing up in the in-flight magazine.

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Lucy said...

I know I'm not supposed to comment on my own posts, but this seemed relevant...