Wednesday, March 4, 2009

29 things to do before I'm 30

I started this list in December, but it has proven to be a challenge and I'm now down to just 6 months to complete my 29 things. Maths is not a strength of mine, but I think that's over one a week till the end of August. I'm slightly daunted.

1. finish this list

2. return to life drawing

3. make myself some clothes, at the very least two pairs of lounge pants, but preferably something I can wear in public also

4. send a parcel of goodies to my favourite cousin, cousin-in-law and baby cousins

5. start making fresh pasta again (find a clamp for my pasta machine that fits the kitchen bench!) and perfect three new recipes

6. go blueberry picking and make blueberry muffins

7. learn a language...well start learning a language. or at the very least, polish up one I've already started on

8. restring my guitar and play it. I'd like to say once a week, but I'm trying to be realistic so I have half a chance of ticking this one off the list

9. go to a movie all by myself

10. watch "Chocolat"

11. plant out all my terracotta pots, the inhabitants of which perished during my last move, and give away or recycle the ones I don't want anymore

12. play a banjo, mandolin or ukelele

13. re-read Atlas Shrugged

14. start making this year's Christmas presents (enough of the sewing till the wee small hours of Christmas morning!)

15. (this is a big one which has been on my mind for a while) purge my belongings to conform to the words of William Morris: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

16. is related to 15, but big enough to have its own number – edit my wardrobe and give away, sell or donate all these clothes that I never wear to someone who might appreciate them more

17. start spinning

18. finish restoring the two styley dining chairs I got from the Supershed 3 years ago for 25 cents each

19. attempt to draw Punky

20. try yoga, and really give it a fair chance before deciding whether I like it

21. send Ava's finished cardy (my first real crocheted garment!) to Dilia

22. win a Scrabble game!

23. go to a play, a music gig, an exhibition and a Pecha Kucha night

24. make a cool cardboard box fort for the bunny (he likes boxes)





29. organise something really cool to celebrate my 30th birthday (suggestions welcome)

I'm clearly getting too old, because I got stuck at 25 things and I need some ideas for my last four, to be able to put a tick against number 1... So what are some exciting things I can do??


Amy said...

#15 - this is an interesting article relating to what you were talking about.,9171,1812048,00.html

#16 - wardrobe purge. I did one of these in December with an image consultant and it was great. Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. And shouldn't you look fabulous in everything you wear? If you need help with this I suggest a fantastic book called "closet control" which can be found at the local library.

#22 - if you want to win a scrabble game - play me... I'm rubbish.

#29 - what kind of things are you interested in? Night out on the town? Quiet one with friends in a remote cabin? Huge surprise party with everyone you've ever known? What appeals?

#25-28 hmm, I'll think more about this. But I think they should include deep down wishes that you have had for a while. Who knows that better than you?

frogstar said...

ask someone who you admire but don't know too well out for a coffee.

i like your list, it's got lots of things on it which resonate with my mental list!