Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I've seen my blood under a microscope.
2. I'd like to illustrate children's books.
3. I speak rabbit.
4. I'm hanging out for an occasion to wear my fascinator.
5. I once stayed in a convent in Venice.
6. My great grandfather was a professor of architecture at Cairo University.
7. I'm learning how to spin and I just got my very own spinning wheel.
8. If I could time travel I'd hang out at parties in the 1920s.
9. My brother was born on my 5th birthday.
10. I've made more than 300 pairs of armwarmers.
11. I took my sewing machine apart and when I put it back together I had two bits left over.
12. I like writing on whiteboards.
13. Nearly everything I own has been licked or nibbled by a rabbit.
14. I found consolation in Alain De Botton's Consolations of Philosophy.
15. I like green and everything it stands for.
16. Making pasta makes me happy.
17. I can make a passable flat white with a heart on the top.
18. Douglas Adams and Ayn Rand are my heroes.
19. I come up with a new business idea just about every other day.
20. A Rodin exhibition made me cry.
21. I take pride in a well written email.
22. I can't pronounce "patent" or "origins" without concentrating.
23. I was a Gap student at Chris Martin's old school.
24. Cocktails starting with "m" are my favourites: Mojitos, Moscow Mules and margueritas.
25. When I'm hanging out washing, I match the pegs because that's how my mum taught me my colours.


Anonymous said...

Well, the things you learn eh?

25 random things is an exceptional effort. Those type of list are hard to do.

You should consider wearing your fascinator to Craft 2.0 - who said craft couldn't be glamorous.

Millie x

Lucy said...

True! My fascinator however is of unknown origin, so I will have to make one I can wear to Craft2 – or perhaps get Sue to make one for me.