Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peas and the rogue nasturtium

As part of my 29 things to do before I'm 30 list (as yet unfinished and unpublished... watch this space) during my summer break I finally got around to planting out my pots.

I'm quite attached to one pot in particular. In a square terracotta pot I sowed peas – a mixture of edible peas and sweet peas – and made them a nice bamboo tripod to climb up (I know, a tripod in a square pot, it makes no sense!), watered them and waited. Just over a week later little shoots popped up, and after a couple of days they looked like this:

Aren't they cute?

Several days later, I got my camera out to record their progress and discovered a rogue nasturtium lurking in the background, trying to pass itself off as a pea!

I didn't have the heart to remove the wee thing, despite my pea pot now feeling more like a cuckoo's nest.

Three weeks later, the peas are flourishing and starting to flower, the nasturtium is holding its own, and every time I walk past, One of These Things starts playing in my head.

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