Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm back, and I made jam!

Life's been pretty hard in Christchurch in recent times. Turbulent doesn't really begin to describe it. So I've spent a few weeks off remembering to enjoy the simple things. I've baked bread, made pasta, picked raspberries and bottled my first ever jam. I played my first game of golf (nine holes), had a picnic in Peel Forest and walked to a waterfall with Carina, and went on a day trip with friends to Quail Island for Emma's 30 Before 30.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I am resolved this year to do more things just for fun. I plan to spend more hours reading or playing guitar in the comfy chair in our backyard sunshine, to try new recipes and to get better at golf.


Deidre in Interwebland said...

Welcome back jam queen! In my book vowing to have more fun is a great idea at any time, but doubly so given what you have been through over the past year and a half. And what a fancy bird! Much love, Deidre

Lucy said...

Thank you! I also made strawberry jam since writing this post, and photographed it on a backdrop of one stunning Shaky Isles manuka teatowel, to make it look even yummier.

Would you believe I had no idea Quail Island had quails?

Lucy x