Friday, December 4, 2009

Lucy loves...

I've spent many hours in the last couple of months creating and updating gift guides on Felt, which basically amounts to extreme online window shopping (I love that the term "window shopping" works for browsers as well as shops in real life) for demographics, rather than specific people. There have been phases of discovery and delight, moments of merchandising madness, and bouts of serious shopping fatigue and brain failure.

I can now honestly say that I know Felt inside out - I have browsed nearly 10000 listings and I know most of 600 sellers by their username, if not their real name. I know whose listings have fabulous photos and who offers free shipping. If you're not sure where to go or what you're looking for, I'm your girl (my services as a personal shopper for handmade Christmas gifts are available for just $110 per hour).

Now, I could show you a selection of the lovely things I've picked out for my family and friends, but there are two good reasons not to do this. Firstly, I'm a Christmas traditionalist and I like my gifts to be a surprise - I have no idea whether anybody will even read this, but there's no point in taking unnecessary risks. Secondly, I'm also a Christmas procrastinator and I haven't picked out the lovely things for my family and friends yet. My gifts frequently remain a surprise even to me right up till the last possible moment to source or make them. If you're really interested, come back after Christmas and I'll write it up then.

However, in my armchair travels (or, more accurately, picnic table in the garden travels) around the handmade world of Felt, I have picked out a few things for my very own personal Christmas wishlist, so here they are. Aren't they pretty?

One of these things was even made with me in mind, to tempt me every time I look at Felt (now that's what I call crafty). If you can guess which one, win! There's no prize, but you can revel in the knowledge that you are smarter and cooler than everyone else.

Bloggers might also be interested to know that this list was created using a new feature on Felt - you can read all about it on the Felt forum.


ily said...

me thinks it's the bambam bunny.
welcome back to your blogspace. nice to see you ;-)

Lucy said...

Hehe, you think right. And thank you :)